Thursday, December 1, 2011

well hello there. my name is meghan. nice to meet you and welcome!

So let's not kid ourselves, this isn't my first attempt at keeping up a blog but I've now realized I went about it all wrong...

A little background...I first ventured out into this little blog world when I moved across the country from Vegas to Nashville, TN.  I didn't know a soul and needless to say, staring at the tv plus my dog and kitten every night got a little old, well just staring at the TV got old, I could stare at my perfect little furry children all day.  Oh and don't you worry your pretty little head off, you'll get the chance to stare at them too!  I would never let you miss the cuteness that encompasses them daily, they'll for sure be frequent guests.  Back to the blog, so I used it more as a daily what am I doing but really, I wasn't doing a dang thing so the ol' blog got a major shaft!  The truth is, my passion is design.  I could spend countless hours staring at the computer screen pinning (I love me some Pinterest), bookmarking, saving, tagging, etc. design inspirations.  On top of that, I would also jealously sit and think to myself, Meghan, why aren't you blogging, it's so hot right now.

So here we are folks, what you'll find here is hopefully daily inspirations of rooms I love, products I want, people that I think are super cool and every once in awhile, a little peek at what's going on in my tiny little condo. 

With all that being said, feel free to share with everybody and their mama!

Above are a couple of photos of a little table setting my sister and I put together for Thanksgiving, it's our new tradition and I was pleased with how it turned out.

photos taken by the amazing Jamie Wright.


jamie wright said...

I love it!! Very funny and shows your personality perfectly. I can't wait to read it everyday!

Kate said...

love it, too! You and Jamie have some true talent on this one! Great post too!

April Benish said...

Super cute! Love anything chalkboard!