Monday, December 19, 2011

Just Breathe

Well friends, it's been a LOOOOONG day and I am one tuckered girl.  I came across this print on Etsy and I keep telling myself I need to buy it and put it on my front door so I can see it every day before I leave.  Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that sometimes all you need is to just take a nice big deep breath.  I'm so thankful tonight for little reminders and for special people in my life that will sit with me, take a second and just breathe! 


VSMyatt said...

Anytime you start a new path you have to remember to breath and have patience! You are amazing, talented, stylish and full of potential and ideas. Everyone will see that in time.

milliemorganmedia said...

Love this print. Love your sweet post too. You're 100% right, sometimes we just need to take a big deep breath! Thanks for sharing, Meg.