Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dark Bathing Beauty

 image via apartment therapy
Lately I've been really drawn to dark rooms, I'm talking black, grey, navy, the darker the better.  I also can't seem to get a the thought of a nice long soak out of my mind.  There is something special about an occasional hot, bubbly, relaxing bath.  With that being said, tonight I bring you a little of both worlds, beautiful dark and patterned bathrooms.  In my mind, you just can't go wrong with a playful pattern!  Enjoy, I think it's about time for me to stop thinking and just do!  Relaxing bath, here I come!
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jamie wright said...

Your taste in style never ceases to amaze me! I love every post!!

VSMyatt said...

So excited to get up this morning and have a nice cup of coffee and catch up on your blog! You make me smile