Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Etsy Art Love

clockwise from left: 1-sinister tabby, tastesorangey / 2-girl in the yellow suit, kikiandpolly / 3-slow breathing, samantha french / 4-mini photobooth print, kikiandpolly
 clockwise from left: 1-mountain triangles, jamiemilk / 2-llama love sewn print, tastesorangey / 3-spring in the valley, pamelam / 4-antelopes print, debbiecarlos
One of my favorite things and something I absolutely cannot live without is ART!  One of the places I always turn to while looking for a special piece is Etsy!  Words can't even express how much I love Etsy and especially Etsy Artists!  I can spend countless hours searching for new finds and today I'm sharing just a few of my favorite artists with you.  If you're still in search of a gift this year for Christmas then look no further!  I bet you know someone just like me who needs a little wall love and any of these beautiful pieces would put a smile on your loved one's face!


avery and anderson said...

great Art choices to spotlight. I love them too. I think my fave is that sweet lil girl in the yellow bathing suit:) Your new design is PERFECT btw. Lovin it. lots.

Pamela Munger said...

Some of my favorite artists, too! I have a print by tastesorangey that I adore. Thank you, Meghan, for including my painting in such a great collection.

megalove's design said...

Thank you Pamela for letting me include your painting! I love it!

Vicko said...

Love the art you chose. You are always finding beautiful unique things and I am constantly in awe of your style!