Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yeah Emily!!

I can barely contain my excitement, I'm not even kidding.  Friends, this will be my last post until next Wednesday because I am heading to Americasmart tomorrow, that's right, market!  It's my first time and I'm so pumped!  Now let's add some serious icing onto the already sinfully delicious cake, I get to see interior designer Emily Henderson!  I won't even deny it, I have a serious and I do mean serious girl crush on her.  She won HGTV DesignStar and has her own show called Secrets from a Stylist and it's my favorite, I still can't bring myself to delete any of the episodes, the DVR is full!  She is also a fellow blogger which you know I follow religiously.  I love her style, period, she has yet to design a room that I didn't swoon over.  She is so funny, always gives great styling advice, never takes herself too seriously and well she's just down right fabulous.  I don't even care that I sound like a crazy stalker right now.  I hope she stops by our booth, you know I'll be jumping up and down inside but of course I'll act as cool as a cucumber on the outside because that's how I roll.  Hey, if you're in the big ATL (yeah, I too can't believe I just said that) come to Americasmart and see me and the Cake Vintage/Knobstoppers gang.  We will be in Building 2, Floor 3, Booth 315 and have some super cool new stuff, it will definitely make you drool but don't worry, I'll be there with a tissue.  Otherwise, peace out little blog, see y'all in a week!
Last but definitely not least, this post certainly wouldn't be complete without me saying how amazing my boss is.  Thank you so much for letting me come down early so I can see my girl.  You seriously are the best and you've made me one happy lady!
Here are just a few of my favorite rooms Emily has styled and designed...enjoy!

all images found via stylebyemilyhenderson

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jamie wright said...

I love her style too! I sure wish I could go to market and see all the amazing products. I will definitely miss your blog for the next week but will be stoked for the next post!!