Sunday, January 1, 2012

10 Goals for the New Year...

I've long since given up on making resolutions, they're for the birds.  This year I'm going to focus on tackling some goals...hey, in my mind it's different.  I think it will be fun to reflect back on this post to see what I've accomplished.  Keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, legs and whatever else you can keep crossed, crossed.  Here we go...

1. Post on the ol' blog at least once a day.  Blogging is fun and cool!
2. Start and finish designing the master bedroom.
3. DIY more and by more, I'd like to do at least 12 projects this year.  Starting small people.
4. Make more handmade cards and send snail mail to friends.  To me, there is nothing better than getting a sweet card unexpectedly from a friend or loved one.  Instead of waiting around for said cards, I'm just going to make some myself.
5. Paint the bathroom.
6. Buy a bicycle and start biking to work.  It would make me feel so special.  
7. Read more...I kind of want to nerd up and join a book club.
8. Start my portfolio and hopefully decorate for someone this year, that would be amazing.
9. Take Sadie on more walks, my brother-in-law said she was fat over Christmas and I thought I was going to have to judo chop him, nobody puts Sadie in a corner!
10. Learn how to needlepoint. 

Seems pretty reasonable huh?  Lord knows I have many more goals I need to accomplish but slow and steady wins the race!  

above illustration by Emily McDowell.  I think it's spot on and hilarious!

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jamie wright said...

I agree on your viewpoint of resolutions and I really look forward to seeing you reach your goals this year. Very inspiring(not that I'm surprised)and I need to start working on my list! Love the BLOG!!