Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Round Up

Hello friends, I'm alive!  So I ended up taking a little longer than expected break from the blog.  Americasmart was awesome and it seems like such a whirlwind.  We had such great success and it was a ton of fun but I've been trying to recover ever since!  This weekend we celebrated Jamie's 38th birthday by drinking fancy cocktails at The Patterson House and followed it up with a delicious dinner at Kayne Prime.  So today I've been a lazy bum and I've spent my free time sleeping a ton and catching up with the web.  I love when my favorite bloggers share little things they've seen across the internet so I thought tonight, I'd do the same.  Here are some things that have caught my eye this weekend, enjoy!

1. How amazing is the star-burst above, that floor makes me smile and the rest of his place isn't too shabby either.

2. Jason Wu at Target!  I am so smitten with all of these outfits and am especially loving that cat tote!  I just might have to set my alarm to get first pick on these beauties.

3. Speaking of outfits, how cute does Jen look?  Stripes and florals just work so well together, I'm on the hunt for a black and white striped shirt!

4. I don't have kids, only furry ones but how cute is this b-day party?  Melissa is just about as fab as you can get.

5. I cut out one of her illustrations from a magazine forever ago and have been in love since, I could stare at Caitlin's dreamy illustrations for days.

6. West Elm bedding and bath sale!  I just can't seem to pull the trigger on new bedding but boy are there some good contenders!  Hurry, the sale ends tomorrow!

7. Houzz rounded up 20 must have design books, I have several of them on my radar!

8. Heather just released a new issue of Gatherings Magazine, the white issue.  It's so dreamy and the issues just keep getting better and better!  Yay Heather!

9. Oh man, my mouth is watering for these...

10. I've been really drawn to quotes, this post from Holly makes me smile. 


jamie wright said...

At last you're back!! We've missed you and your eye for style!

Vicky Myatt said...

Looking for a new post everyday! Miss you!

Becca said...

Totally Making the apricot/goat cheese/almond snacks today! They look heavenly! Love your blog Megaleg!